The Mathematics department at Discovery Middle School is proud of the work that we do as students progress through 6th grade math, 7th grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry. We have Intensive Math classes to help students keep up with rigorous Florida math standards. We are supported by 4 wonderful Special Education and Language Education teachers. 

Algebra I and Geometry are high school classes, and students completing them earn high school credit when they pass the End of Course (EOC) Exam.

Intensive Math is an intervention class that aids students with basic math skills. The class is designed for small group instruction and uses specialized technology programs geared to individual needs.
On-line Resources to use at home

  • Progressbook

  • On-line Textbooks

  • Think Through Math

  • Algebra Nation

Curriculum Leader: Mr. Robert Murray


Mathematics Teachers

6th grade:

Mayra Diaz
Nancy Froelich-Mathews
Cherie Sinn

7th grade:

Tania Courtney
Shannon Lennon
Robert Murray

8th Grade

Jennifer Gower
Kathy Maples
Lynn Ross